Friday, 24 July 2009

Drama In Little Town

According to our 2 year old granddaughter there's a lot going on in this scene. Mr Bun the baker, one of his customers and the waitress who works in the tearoom above the bakery are having a rest. Are you still with me? Good. There's more. The distraught parents of the baby that's unfortunately fallen between the yellow block seats and the rustic table are being chastised by Marge (in the hat) and Lucy (with the blue headband).

Little things please little minds......
Little Things Please Little Minds

Most adults would probably struggle to improvise a scene like this for fear of displaying too much negativity. A risk assessment would be irresistable. Kids, on the other hand, are fearless when applying their imagination. I am regularly having horrendous wounds - usually inflicted by an interchangeable floppy toy/unidentifiable monster - tended by an infant 'first-aider'. Despite our continued efforts to reassure her that Medics are fine people who work to keep us in good health, she delights in using the reflex hammer with gusto and there's something slightly sinister about the way she prepares her patient to receive the benefits of a toy hypodermic!

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