Saturday, 15 August 2009

Challenging and Choosing

Following on from my last post, I thought it well worth promoting the efforts of The Reading Agency. Among other things, they organise the annual Summer Reading Challenge. The challenge is to encourage children to read six books from their local library during the summer holidays.

Part of the Challenge includes an invitation to become a Quest Seeker and take part in the quest to search for the 'golden book'. This opportunity is extended to children of all reading abilities and in partnership with the RNIB, the Challenge has produced posters and stickers for those who are visually impaired. The RNIB itself also loans books for children and young people 5+ in Braille, giant print and audio format.

Children, 10 and under, who feel that they would rather concentrate their efforts on writing the stories will be pleased to discover that Pure and Fun Kids Radio are running a competition this summer tailored just for them. Or perhaps junior journalism is more their thing. If so, First News is an online weekly newspaper for children that "...aspires to raise the profile of children's views and opinions in society and to donate proceeds to children's charities."

Choosing the right book for your grandchildren can be tricky, and while some grandparents have fond memories of the tales that kept them entertained throughout a typically British seaside holiday, when thoughts turn to current offerings it can all get a bit mind-boggling. In which case, the Guardian offers some tips on which titles might appeal to our little darlings, from picture books to literature for the over-12s.

Happy reading!

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