Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hiding To Something

You know, some days spent with our grandchildren leave me feeling rejuvenated. Others leave me feeling as though I haven't been 'let in' on the plot. One thing is for certain...I always feel tired!

Today much of my time was taken up with entertaining our two year old granddaughter. She's a strong-minded little girl and today she was wearing her Director's hat. Early on I knew that this meant that I would be on the sharp end of an ever changing script, involving the 'usual suspects' from her collection of dolls and soft toys.

Left to right - Emily, Tinkerbell and Mary, with Mr Teddy learning his lines

Sure enough, Mary and Tinkerbell were soon centre-stage with me speaking lines dreamt up on the hoof and delivered in a highly improvised fashion. The plot revolved around the repeated disappearance of Emily, a diminutive character dressed for winter,complete with silver boots. Put simply, our 'director' took off with Emily and concealed her (usually somewhere right under my gaze) before sending me off with Mary, an awkward looking rag doll whose legs have been poured into unforgiving striped tights, on a mission of mercy.

To keep the tension high Mary deliberately searched everywhere but the place where Emily was lost, much to the annoyance of our 'director' who hasn't quite mastered the concept of hide and seek. With a manic waving of the arms (complete with fading chickenpox) I was urged, to cries of “She's there granddad, under my stool,” to find the hapless Emily.

As is often the case, I soon became unsure as to whether this was the actual shoot or merely an audition, because each member of the cast took it in turns to be hidden before being discovered, predictably, by yours truly.

Between takes, I mulled over the idea of hiding somewhere myself, but then I remembered I haven't got a 'get out' clause in my contract. Hmmm, she seems to have thought of everything.

These two characters appear to have found the ideal hideaway

© 2009, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. Great post, Martin! My oldest granddaughter, 17, and your granddaughter have a lot in common. In fact, one of my granddaughter's nicknames is "The Cruise Director," because from an early age she wanted to call all the shots.

  2. Susan,

    Glad you liked the post. Isn't it strange though, how so many adults need to attend assertiveness courses to attain the same levels of self-confidence most toddlers demonstrate?


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