Sunday, 6 September 2009

Field-Good Factor

Most weekends we try to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. And if ever we needed an incentive, just ten minutes from our front door lies some of the most beautiful countryside in Hampshire. On Saturday we were passing right through an agricultural work of art.




© 2009, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. How did you manage to get these shots? You can't have been in a helicopter, there's no shadow!

    Thank you for visiting my blog (how did you find me?) Thank you very much for your kind comment. I have just read several of your posts - I enjoyed them and I will certainly be back for more. You have gone into my bookmarks for now.

  2. Hello Martin

    I too wondered like Friko. Where were you standing?

    I especially like the soft colours of the last image with the furrows like brush strokes...
    I am going to enjoy glimpses of your corner of the world.

    Happy days

  3. Hi Martin, (that's my middle name) Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and commenting, really appreciate all visits and visitors... so come by anytime, the coffee's always on, and don't hesitate to pay a visit to some of the blogs in the sidebar there too, all sorts of wonderful people out there blogging up a storm... so I add my curiosity to Friko's and Delwyn's; were you hang-gliding ? Or carried aloft by a large eagle like a hobbit ?

  4. Thank you all, first for dropping by and secondly, for such a positive response.

    Friko, I can't remember exactly how I came to your blog, but I'm very glad I did.

    And in answer to your collective query about my standpoint when taking these shots, this ancient footpath meanders along a high ridge. The countryside drops away into a valley before rising sharply and pulling the fields up like a wall-hanging.

  5. That last photo is incredible - hard to believe it's not a painting, and it certainly boggles the mind as far as perspective goes... I still can't decide which way is up!


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