Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I never thought I'd see the day when I had 'followers'. Yet, Square Sunshine currently has five of them! A far cry from Luke's mass of 285, Delwyn's 137 or Jinksy's 115, and a little way off Friko's impressive 49. But in an, 'it's the thought that counts' kind of way, I tell myself the numbers don't matter so much. Each time I go, often bleary-eyed, to my blog there are five friendly faces looking back at me, and they give me a lift.

In turn, I've declared myself a 'follower' on a number of blogs that I find interesting and stimulating, but until today, with one difference. Because I hadn't added a photograph to my profile I appeared to be represented as the front cover of a Raymond Chandler paperback. Admittedly my name comes to view when you run the cursor over my little silhouette but it all looks a bit anonymous and, in a bad light, much like the real thing.....a bit scary.

So I've resolved the issue. I now have not so much an exact portrait but an attempt at reasonable representation, as sketched in the sand by my son-in-law, under the strict artistic guidance of Speckly-Woo! In fact, both Nan and Grandad were drawn on the beach of the Camel estuary in Cornwall whilst the family were on their holidays last year. So at least I wasn't the only mean, subject.


Strange how others see us and even stranger when they're pushed to produce a likeness. Well, in this case I'm prepared to give the artist the benefit of the doubt. Intense pressure from the commissioning patron, a natural flair for the ridiculous or perhaps a blunt drawing instrument. Any of these might explain our distinctly grainy appearance. Or then again, it could just be the chosen medium.

© 2009, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. This is most delightful! I trust future followers will like it as much as I do...

  2. These sand portraits are very detailed and artistic. Knowing they were in Cornish sand makes them extra special.

  3. Jinksy,

    Thank you. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I realised that this drawing may have been executed with a good deal more accuracy than I previously cared to admit.

  4. Good morning English Rider. Thanks for dropping by.

    Do I detect a Cornish connection? We lived there for almost 15 years wonderful years until 1995. Going back for a family holiday in October. Can't wait!

  5. Hi Martin
    Yes, I noticed you'd turned from anonymous to handsome. That is a very broad smile on your face, so the drawing must be fairly realistic?

  6. Hi Friko

    Well, that's the smile I'm aiming to perfect. Although, as it was drawn from memory, it could be gritting of teeth...or rather, grit in my teeth!

  7. Lots of grains of truth there Martin!
    June in Oz

  8. Hi Martin

    I left a message yesterday about you great new portrait but in my haste must have left before it registered...

    I love the original icon...

    Happy days

  9. Nice one June! Sounds as though I've reached a fellow punster.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Delwyn

    Glad you like the icon. It's already raised a number of smiles among family and friends. In my book that's a result!


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