Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sitting It Out

I have to confess, I'm feeling little bit tired today. It's not entirely attributable to the heavy cold I've succumbed to, but mostly associated with trying to keep up with the outrageously high energy levels of our (nearly three year old) Speckly-Woo!

Today, the little treasure attained her level one badge at Gym Tots .....and, she executed her first, unaided forward-roll. Obviously, she couldn't wait to demonstrate it to her grandparents when she arrived home. But after the painful realisation that the rug in the lounge was not as forgiving as a foam mat, we were limited to only one performance.

There followed, a lot more activity. Not wishing to take a chance on her regular human climbing frame (me), due to health and safety issues, she decided to assault Mummy instead. Then we were treated to the kind of 'wee-wee' dance you can expect occasionally from a child that's 99% potty-trained.

Eventually, I was prised off the sofa to play hide and seek around the house with Mary (sometime astronaut of the rag-doll variety).

It occurred to me, whilst writing this post, that another small offering of benches might be in order.

© 2009, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. They are brilliant young children aren't they!
    I hope your cold goes away soon and your energy levels will get back to normal.


  2. I love benches, too - as you will see from some of my photos later on from our trip. 8^)

  3. You are building wonderful memories for your granddaughter. My grandfather was the center of my world for many years -- reading stories to us at night, taking my brother and me for walks, and generally surrounding us with unconditional love.

  4. Hello Martin

    I have enjoyed catching up: under the skies, in and out of the light and along the coast...
    I loved the occulus in the forest path...

    I hope you get over the cold soon, it sounds as if you are needed...

    Happy days

  5. My daughter was the climber of the family, much more so than her two brothers.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Lovely benches.

  6. Apologies for not responding to your comments before now. Unfortunately, the cold was only the prelude to a nastier flu-like virus, complete with shivers and fever. Feeling a little better today though.

    Julie P

    Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes, young children are brilliant. We really have been blessed in this dept, over the years.

    Mary Z

    I look forward to seeing those benches.


    My grandfather was hugely influential in my life too. And I will always love him for the things you mention. He gifted me so many treasured memories wrapped up in unconditional love.


    I'm so pleased you've enjoyed catching up. I hope to be posting regularly again quite soon.


    When we were children, some of the most exciting enterprises were initiated by the girls in our little band of adventurers. I think they always took a more measured approach, and so, had a higher success-rate in things like climbing and exploring.

    Glad you, too, liked the benches.

  7. I have been catching up on my favorite blogs, and I really enjoy your pictures and narrative. It's always a delightful visit.
    Sunny :)

  8. nice pictures ..and nice blog too

  9. Sunny

    Your comments are very kind and very much appreciated. I'm glad that you're enjoying a little Square Sunshine in your life.

    Heavenly Muse

    Welcome to Square Sunshine. It's nice to have your company.

  10. You have such a marvelous way with words. I can practically see that precious granddaughter putting on a show for you!

    The bench photos are lovely, too. I must admit that a visit from my grandchildren leaves me in need of a bench or, better yet, a nice sofa. But I wouldn't give up their visits for the world.


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