Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sepia - p.s.

By way of a short post-script to yesterday’s post, I can offer a little more detail about what my mum was wearing in the second photograph.

During today’s birthday tea, in honour of our dear son-in-law, we talked a little about my latest ‘Sepia Saturday’ contribution.

Mum, probably thinking a little more colour wouldn’t go amiss, furnished me with the following facts.

The photograph was taken while she was still in her teens – she wasn’t quite twenty when I arrived. The blouse was designed in a green candy stripe and she was wearing an oatmeal coloured jacket.

It was fascinating to learn that the decorative pin on her jacket was hand-made by my great uncle Harold, my grandmother’s young half-brother.

Even better, mum still has the broach. I’d heard that Harold was gifted in the creativity department but, until today, I’d never seen any of his work. What a bonus. I felt as though it was my birthday too!

© 2010, copyright Martin T. Hodges 


  1. Isn't it just wonderful to discover another little nugget of who you are? Because each little piece of family and ancestor in some way is ours too, isn't it?
    Lovely post(s), Martin.

  2. Wonderful to get these little tidbits!

  3. A bonus indeed - what a gem of information and how wonderful that your mum still has the brooch.

  4. That's a lovely way to spend a birthday-these sepia photos do inspire some great family discussions, it seems.
    My problem is, my mother keeps coming back to me to change details of names and people and dates. You wouldn't believe the fuss over the most recent photo!


  5. Interesting how we come about these little bits of information that fill in the gaps we'd like to fill in regarding our families. There's no telling what a birthday tea, or any other sort of get-together, can lead to, is there?


  6. Ciara

    Exactly that. I was 'over the moon' when this detail came to light.


    Certainly a special moment.


    Something so small, that means so much!


    Not only was I surprised to learn that mum still had the broach, but she just produced it out of the blue.


    Yes, Alan really has started something, hasn't he? I know what you mean about getting the detail right, but I suppose the detail is everything. Fun finding out, don't you think?

  7. Nevine

    It's true. Just an innocent enquiry at a family gathering can open up a whole new world of detail.


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