Tuesday, 23 February 2010

From the Front

There are new additions to my ‘virtual’ postcard collection, and I have my second cousin, Helen, to thank for that.

Helen’s grandfather, my great grandfather, William Benjamin Butler, served in France during the Great War.

During his time at the ‘front’, his wife and children must have been in his thoughts constantly, along with home comforts and the prospect of living a normal life once more.

In spite of the horrors that surrounded him, William didn’t forget his wife’s birthday. This card probably arrived, tucked inside a letter home.

A simple, but loving, message reads:

To darling Edith with best love xxx
From Bill aok.

I love the way he offers some reassurance with a simple aok, when signing off.

And one for his three children, including my grandmother, Hilda. No message on this one, but little doubt about how much they meant to him.

© 2010, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. Those are wonderful cards, unlike anything I have in the collection I inherited.

  2. They are lovely cards. The second one looks like it was stitched.

  3. Beautiful cards--wonderful mementos & wonderful artifacts.

  4. They are beautiful...and so perfectly preserved! :)

  5. These beauties must have been tucked away somewhere safe. They're in pristine condition!
    I adore vintage ephemera, and it's a special treasure with family ties, like yours.

  6. Hi Martin

    what wonderful links to the past these cards are.
    Are you keeping any accompanying notes in your collection so that future generations may follow the lineage?

    Happy days

  7. Those are beautiful cards, Martin. And I can't believe how the colors have remained so vibrant!


  8. Vicki

    I have only borrowed them to scan for my digital archive. They are precious.


    Unusual aren't they? I've never before seen anything quite like them either.


    You are quite right. The second one is, indeed, embroidered beautifully.


    Thank you. They certainly are an important connection to the past.

    Betsy and Willow

    Well, my cousin keeps them safely stored in a nice album, so that probably helps.


    I have been building our family tree for several years now and these digital scans will definitely be included in project.


    Beautiful indeed. I think they have lasted so well because they have been treasured by my cousin. I can't thank her enough for allowing me to borrow them.


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