Wednesday, 7 April 2010

And You Are?

I’m not one to presume too much of anyone, least of all, our Speckly Woo! But it’s probably fair to say that she knows her grandparents well enough. I mean, apart from recognising us by our physical features, she’s well aware of the parts we play in her young life.

Nan’s the one who helps her out of those awkward ‘girlie’ moments, when underwear just doesn’t do what it says on the tin. Nan fixes the odd snack and magics a wet-wipe out of nowhere when jam tarts leave their mark. Nan kisses bumps and bruises and, when requested to make a ‘Peter Rabbit’ from Play-Doh, produces something guaranteed to have no truck with Mr McGregor.

I’m the one who Speckly Woo! advises to act his age. I’m the stooge in many of her exploits and also the one who constantly negotiates the release of Captain Hook and the crocodile from the ‘naughty tub’. I also convert quite nicely into a slide, a swing, and a climbing frame. No spanners required.........yet!

The above portrait of the doting duo was recently committed to a sheet of A3. At the end of a long day, this is probably just how she sees us. Faced with a month of election fever, this is now how we see ourselves. That’s me, on the left in blue and that’s Nan to the right, in red. Confusion reigns supreme. Perhaps that’ll change after we lose the ‘mohicans’.

© 2010, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. From the way things are looking from Speckly Woo's Opinion Poll it looks like we might finish up with Hung Grandparents : I sincerely hope not.

  2. Love the picture! Hope the confusion clears up!

  3. Love the matching Mohawks! Is that a hairy chest, or just your sweater?

  4. Lovely picture. I have a very vivid memory of drawing a picture when I was four years old and at an 'orientation day' at Primary School.

    In my head, my painting of my garden was photo-realistically exact. Years later, looking at paintings four year olds did, I realised mine will have had a strip of blue at the top of the page and a strip of green at the bottom ...

    In other words, this image is EXACTLY how Speckly Woo! sees you and her nan. Note the enormous smiles ...

  5. I do love dear Speckly Woo's! art. Oh, yes. What a treasure to keep and frame and just hang up on the wall. She must admire her grandparents so very much!


  6. stick with Speckly Woo and let the election pass you by (until voting day)
    the next few weeks are going to be horrific, S.W. will help you to get through.

    I also scrolled back to your poem about watching the desperation of a father, helplessly, on TV. You expressed perfectly the feeling any sane and compassionate person has in the face of such suffering.

  7. Alan - I see where you're coming from.

    Vicki - Thanks. So do we.

    willow - A hairy sweater.

    Moptop - Now you've got me worried, but we'll keep smiling.

    Nevine - She's rarely without her crayons and drawing pad. She is prolific, which is why Picasa is such a godsend.

    Friko - You're right. Speckly Woo! and her darling sisters are a constant reminder of the good things in life.

    Glad you appreciated the poem. That means a lot.

  8. Tony - I think the closest I'll get to a Mohican, in reality, it to make one myself and stick it on!

  9. Oh, you have to have that framed! And, Speckly Woo ... what a delightful expression! I love the way you described yourself as converting to a "slide, a swing, and a climbing frame" ... that so describes my husband "Papa", too!

    I'm so glad to have found you today!

  10. Nana Jo - Thank you for dropping by. You're very welcome. Yes, the things we grandparents find ourselves doing! I never saw myself as a human climbing frame until the little ones arrived.

  11. The things I learn from reading your blog, Martin! I didn't know that what the Americans call a Mohawk, the Brits call a Mohican. And our political color-coding is different as well. In the U.S., conservatives are red and liberals are blue. I believe that in the U.K. those are reversed.


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