Thursday, 27 May 2010

Where are the Goblins?

Look Grandad, the enchanted forest!
Is that where the goblins live?
Perhaps we’ll see the big, bad wolf.
Can we walk into the enchanted forest?

Whoa, one thing at a time.
Hold my hand, and we’ll take a look.

Where are the goblins?

You can’t see them in the daytime.
But you can hear the birds singing.
Listen, did you hear the cuckoo?

But, where are the goblins?

Keep a hold of my hand, we’re approaching the road.

I don’t like the enchanted forest.

Can you see, over there, a mummy cow and her new baby?
I think the baby cow wants a drink from his mummy.

Can we stroke the baby cow?

We can watch from a distance.


Because we don’t want to disturb mummy and baby cow.

Why can’t we see goblins in the daytime?

Maybe they don’t like the sun.

Why don’t they like the sun, Grandad?

Because, then,  we might see the mischief they get up to.

What’s mischief?


Grandad, I need a wee-wee.


© 2010, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. How very sweet, martin!
    Was that speckly-woo?
    But, shame on you for calling nanny when you could so easily have stepped into the breach yourself!

  2. This reminds me of a scene in the film version of "Howard's End" in a session of Music and Meaning, when an old man asks, "But why a goblin?"

    My grandmother used to read me the poems of James Whitcomb Riley and the nine little goblins on the back fence. Scary stuff.

  3. Martin -- this is lovely! You might want to look at Neil Gaiman's BLUEBERRY GIRL -- a lovely children's book about a wish for a special girl.

  4. Friko - Yes, this was Speckly Woo! We took her out for lunch yesterday, before visiting a favourite spot in the New Forest. I'm a pretty 'hands-on' Grandad (with three girls, 3 and under, I need to be) but there are certain times when Speckly Woo! insists that only Nanny will do.

    willow - Speckly Woo! has been introduced to fairly benign goblins thus far. She is intrigued, as most children are. The James Whitcomb Riley variety might have to wait a while yet though.

    Vicki - I've checked this out and decided to order a copy. From the reviews, it seems just the sort of thing Speckly Woo! and the twins would love. Thank you.

  5. Hi Martin

    I loved your story and await the time when I will be a grandparent....AND I have only recently been told that that will be later this year!!!!! wonderful...

    happy days

  6. : D

    So happy and so lovely.

  7. So delightful! I absolutely love the sweet details of your conversation. It contains so much of the child heart. I, too, love to record the little conversations I have with my grandchildren. May Speckly Woo's goblins all be enchanted ones.

  8. Charming. Out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

  9. Delwyn - Becoming grandparents really is the most wonderful thing. You have so much to look forward to.

    Leah - They are all so easy to love.

    Nana Jo - Children are so entertaining and, at this age, their logic is frightening. Moments to savour and remember.

    Fran - Absolutely. Only recently, when stood in a queue with her mum, Speckly Woo! made the observation that the woman in front of her, had huge legs.......very loudly.

  10. Besides being impressed with Speckly Woo!'s conversational skills, I was impressed with how deftly you answered her questions. Just another reason why grandparenting keeps us young!

  11. Susan - Yes, it can be a real test sometimes, but nonetheless wonderful for that.


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