Monday, 24 January 2011

World At Her Feet

Whenever I'm out and about with Speckly Woo, and she has her bright pink camera at the ready, I rarely guide her towards what I think would make an interesting photograph. The temptation is there, but I always resist. The main reason being, I'm always curious, and not a little surprised to see what appeals to a child's eye.

One of her methods is to aim the lens at a point near her feet. In fact, sometimes she actually gets her feet in shot. But the world at that level, and a few inches higher, is not without aesthetic appeal.

At present, her mind isn't cluttered up with techniques and rules. Something floats into view and she catches it...or not. There's no disappointment, no angst over poor exposure or camera shake. Speckly Woo! has the world at her feet and, as far as she's concerned, some of it is obviously worth capturing.


  1. Photography is such a great skill and form of self-expression for children, and it is easier than it used to be and less expensive. Although you don't instruct her, I think it's fine to talk to her about her photographs, which ones are interesting and why. In this way you can help her to develop her photographic eye. She certainly shows promise already!

  2. The world of Speckly Woo -- love it!

  3. Oh she has talent. Make sure she keeps the photographs (or the image files) and in 50 years time she will be able to blog about them and retell fond memories of you in Sepia Saturday No 2763.

  4. I think many more of us could do with a similar attitude - a mind uncluttered by techniques and rules can lead anywhere...

  5. Speckly Woo is very talented photographer for a 3 year old! I love where her feet lead her ... and us.

    We bought each of our grandchildren a digital camera for Christmas and they are having a lot of fun using them.

  6. Kids just know things, Martin. That is, until we correct them. I like that she just does her own thing; and you're a very wise grandfather for encouraging that sense of self expression.

    I particularly like the one on the bottom right.

  7. You're a wise grandad. Even now it's sometimes a toss-up whether I learn from looking at other people's incredibly good photos or whether I get completely overfaced and disheartened. Freedom within a framework, I say. But for a young child, I think freedom is the whole thing.

  8. You are such a wonderful grandfather, Martin. Your little Woo is going to be a great artist someday. In fact, I believe she already is!

  9. Specklyyyyy WOOOOH! How fab to capture the world through eyes as yet untutored in what is 'expected'!

  10. Susan - Thanks. Speckly Woo and I talk quite a bit about her photographs and other artwork, but I'm reluctant to disturb her when she's enjoying those special moments in a world of her own.

    Vicki - It's a great place to be!

    Alan - I'm drafting up a note to Speckly Woo, right now.

    Jinksy - Yes, it's great to witness her, working things out with an uncluttered head.

    Nana Jo - Her bright pink VTech camera was a gift from us a year ago. It's ideal for a child of her age. Pretty robust, too. It's been dropped more than once!

    Paul - Self expression is a habit worth forming, isn't it?

    jennyfreckles - I like the idea of 'freedom within a framework'.

    Tess - Last weekend, our daughter took her along to a workshop at the city gallery. There, she looked at some works in the gallery, before trying her hand at printing. She loved it!

    brokenbiro - Yes, this is a wonderful time in her life.


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