Sunday, 20 February 2011

Foiled Fairy

Regular readers of this blog will have worked out that, more often than not, the related dreams of a child are far more intriguing than anything that might spring from my creaking imagination.

First, give a child a pair of safe scissors, some glue, a box of assorted sweet wrappers, and some creased remnants of foil. Look on, with ears pinned back, and enjoy.

Before embarking on her little creative flight of fancy, Speckly Woo and I had a conversation about dreams.

"What did you dream about, last night, Grandad?"

"Me? Well…uhh…I…er."

"Don't you remember, Grandad?"

I'm rescued by her impatience. She's desperate to tell me all about her own dream.

"I dreamt about a fairy in a garden. She had yellow hair, and she was trying to catch a blue butterfly. And there was a big flower in the garden."

"That sounds like a lovely dream, what colour was the flower?"

"It had gold petals and a pink middle. You'll see it in a minute, when I've cut it out and glued it."

So, I sat back and watched her fairy emerge, next to a huge golden flower with a pink centre, and dark green leaves.

Fluttering, just out of the fairy's reach, was a blue butterfly. And although you may be thinking it looks a little like a pair of blue underpants that have blown off the clothes line, I assure it most definitely is a blue butterfly. Speckly Woo told me so.


  1. Magical..magical.. Speckly-Woo and her lovely grandfather. I can't decide which is luckier..and the art is delightful.

  2. That is so cool! I love the creativity of children (having two very creative kidlets myself!) and I just adore hearing stories about this - especially where caring adults encourage it!

  3. You are right. I see underpants. But, I like them. How often do we get to see really good underpants art?

  4. Oh creative stuff. Sit the girl down in front of the Six O Clock News and see if she can come up with something for Poetry24.

  5. Tell Speckly Woo that it is the bestest Blue Butterfly I have seen in a long,long while.

  6. What a perfectly wonderful piece of art and also conversation. I hope Speckly Woo can tap into her magical imagination all her life.

  7. Wonderful! You two are a great team.

  8. Speckly Woo is so lucky as is her Grandpa....I think she takes a bit after him!

  9. Thanks, everyone. I'm forever saying it, but these little moments are very special.

  10. I would frame that gorgeous fairy and her delightful flower and underpants-butterfly. Speckly Wood is such a dream of a girl!

  11. My little granddaughter made an adorable picture of a bird in a nest when she was at my house on Saturday. I said I wanted to keep it, and she looked troubled and said, "But I will miss it!" I considered telling her that pictures made at Grannie's stay at Grannie's, but, of course, I let her take it home!

  12. Nana Jo - I keep all the pictures in a safe place. There are some that will almost certainly find their way into a frame and on the wall.

    Susan - The little ones are so proud of their creations, aren't they? If your granddaughter is anything like Speckly Woo!, she's always eager to show her parents what she's made with Nanny.


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