Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

Imagine you're out on a bright and breezy day, in late Winter. Your nose is numb and your eyes are watering. The run of short days has squeezed your thinking space, collapsing compartments in your mind. A few drops of imagination make their mark on the pristine surface of your common sense.

At some point along a woodland track you stop, and pick up little pieces of interest. A few pine needles and some brittle twigs. Some tiny fragments of hazel nutshell find their way into a pocket.

Later, sheltered from a biting easterly wind, you roll a small piece of modelling clay, make holes in it for eyes and nose. With nutshell ears in place, a scored smile encourages you to add some spiky hair, horns, and a small cone to represent a legless body. You have decreed that this little chap will get around in his world, by bouncing.

You hold your creation close in your hands, as you emerge into the cold once more. Golden paper birds are singing on pipe-cleaner branches in the Spring tree. With a little more time and more materials, you would eventually come across cellophane flowers of yellow and green, towering over your head…but this is not 1967, and you are only four years old, after all.


  1. Lovely! The joy and innocence of childhood! Every day is another opportunity for exploring your world - and 'My Heavens' it is beautiful - if you know where to look! Never again will you see the world like that.

    How dare you be only four in 1967!?

    An admirer too!

    Anna :o]

  2. Oh so magic Speckly Woo.. and a grandparent that appreciates it all.

  3. Your words and photos show a wonderful world, the joy of being a grandparent and seeing the world through new eyes.
    I can hardly believe that I too am a grandparent now... I am sure my wee granddaughter will show me a fresh new world.

  4. What fun you and the Woo have!

  5. HyperCRYPTICal - Glad you liked it. If only I had been 4 in 1967!

    Joan - The adventure continues.

    Marilyn - Thank you. You have so much fun to come, with that little bundle of joy.

    Vicki - She's such good company.

  6. Fine writing Martin. Like all good writing it takes me to familiar places in unfamiliar ways.

  7. I knew these were SpecklyWoo! creations. I just knew... :-)


  8. Who needs toys when you have an imagination.

  9. Simple things seem always to me the best for imaginative pursuits. I think of your earlier post about mementos from your grandfather. Simple things, redolent of memory and dreams.

  10. I think Speckly Woo should have a blog of her own. Grandpa could help to set it up and arrange the words, but the ideas ought to come from the master creator.

  11. Friko - It has crossed my mind. Watch this space.


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