Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunshine Came Softly

You know,

even when visiting a stately home, 
miles away from my computer,

Square Sunshine was on my mind.

In spite of having the blinds pulled.


  1. your photos have a rare atmosphere.

  2. Wonderful photographs Martin (we don't see enough of them). And by a strange coincidence I was only listening to Donovan this morning.

  3. Your photographs all look as if they could be paintings by the Dutch masters. Thank you for thinking of us and sharing! Is that a self-portrait I spy on the side, through the round mirror?

  4. Joan - Thank you.

    English Rider - I thought you might like them.

    Ciara - Sometimes it all falls into place, when you have your camera with you.

    Tony - Thanks.

    Tess - I could have stayed there for hours.

    Alan - I'm going to try to post more in the future. It's so satisfying when it goes right.

    Christine - Well spotted!

  5. The last photo could be the defining motif for Square Sunshine.


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