Thursday, 2 June 2011


Like many grandparents, I live in hope, that as my grandchildren develop, the changes will be for the good.

I feel reassured by these 'before and after' images, drawn by Speckly Woo this afternoon. I have it on good authority, from the artist herself, that she will only ever be changing from...

a little girl,

to a fairy...on occasion, and when the mood takes her.


  1. I love how the fairy is much taller and wears high heels.

  2. Simply lovely! Yes, I can say I have always been a fan of Speckly Woo! And with good reason.


  3. oh how sweet, funny that the fairy has much shorter hair though!

  4. these drawings must give you much comfort in the future

    are there any vacancies for grandchildren in your household?

  5. isn't the fairy the first one, with wings?

  6. I love these drawings! Speckly Woo is very fortunate to have a grandfather who appreciates her as you do. I think she's right in the sense that as she grows up, she will always be herself, including at times a little girl and also a fairy.

  7. Fabulous. That made me smile! Keep those drawings for ever. (Oh, you will! You've posted them online, and I hear that nothing ever disappears once you've done that ... alarming, but true.)

  8. I stopped by to congratulate you for your Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off: Limerick of the Week 12.

    Nice job!

  9. Tess - Her vision of the future, perhaps.

    Katherine - Thanks.

    Nevine - She certainly knows how to win fans over.

    Crafty Green Poet - Some kind of make-over in mind, no doubt.

    Isabel - We treasure them. And, sorry, it's already a 'full house'.

    Kristin - Who can argue with a four year old?

    Christine - She has a frighteningly clear view of the world, just now.

    Fran - Well, we have the originals safely stored. Of course, things may never disappear online, but they often end up where they can't be found.

    MBK - Thank you. I feel honoured.


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