Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Facing Up

One of life's great joys can be found in watching your grandchildren develop and grow. First steps, first words, first creative expression with large crayons and paint.

Recently, I heard the first joke,

"Grandad, why did the banana go to the doctor?"

"I don't know. Why did the banana go to the doctor?"

"Because he wasn't peeling very well."

Boom! Boom!

And there are those little rituals. For instance, whenever we first arrive at the house, through a process I haven't completely sussed out yet, I can be switched from climbing frame to slide, and bouncy castle in just a few a minutes. I'm sure it's all done with mirrors.

At the end of a visit, we used to say our farewells with a kiss and cuddle, before they all toddled off to busy themselves with matters more urgent than seeing their grandparents disappear. Now, we get the full chorus of goodbyes, blown kisses and…funny faces, from the doorstep. Yes, it's that time folks, when the tongues are popped out, the thumbs and splayed fingers twist at the temples like mini antlers on hinges, and the competition is on. I found that responding in a likewise manner, came very naturally to me, and I was a little puzzled...

until I discovered this photograph!


  1. What is it about the camera that brings that out in us? I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of the Sepia Saturday posts had someone sticking their tongue out, so it’s not a recent phenomenon. At least you get to have the cuddles and kisses; living a couple of thousand miles away from my twin 3 year-olds this is a bit difficult. I’m sure they think I live in Dady’s iPad!

  2. I like the banana joke! Glad you have plenty of time with your grandchildren!

  3. Here's a first joke from my house -
    why was the sand wet?
    Because the sea wee'd!
    Great photo!

  4. He he he... nothing to be puzzled about anymore, I guess! And we're all just waiting for a child to come and tease that inner child out of us, too, aren't we?


  5. Great post, joke and photo! I had a very close relationship with my grandparents, and I clearly remember waiting and waiting and waiting until they finally arrived after their 12-hour journey to our house. My Granny would wear her special bracelet that had hearts engraved with each of her grandchildren's names on it. The unforgettable jingling of her bracelet was always the first thing I heard when she came out of the car.

  6. Lovely post and a great photo!

    When my older son was still trying to get the hang of jokes, he decided to make up one of his own.

    He: What's the biggest truck in the world?

    Me: I give up -- what is it?

    He: A Cabbage!!! HAHAHAHAAHAA!

    Still makes me laugh...

  7. I Envy You .I Am looking Forward To ,Maybe, One Day Having Grandkids myself .You Are As Young As The People Around You.They Give "Permission" To Grow Young Again.Enjoy!

  8. I'm still puzzled by my daughter's first ever joke..."Why did the paperclip?" That was it! No punchline or answer. Now, 25 years on, that same daughter has just told me she's expecting my first grandchild. I'm so thrilled and looking forward to the joys of grandparenthood - even the funny faces!

  9. Little Nell - Grandchildren have a way of bringing out the child in a grown-up. All is not lost.

    Crafty Green Poet - We wouldn't miss the contact we have with them, for the world.

    Words A Day - I'm going to bank this one. I know I can use it at some point in the future.

    Nevine - Absolutely.

    Kirsty - She got a real thrill from telling it, too.

    Christine - My maternal grandparents are both still close to my heart, too.

    Vicki - That is surreal, and it made me laugh, too.

    Tony - We never forget how fortunate we are. Grandad is a nice place to be.

    jennyfreckles - Hey, congratulations! You are guaranteed the most wonderful journey ahead. I'm so pleased for you.

  10. Bwahahaha - children certainly bring out the clown in people (me included ;)) - I also love it when kids make up their own corny jokes (my 8yo daughter does it all the time).


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