Sunday, 19 June 2011

Peace, Love...and all that

Campaigning for peace is nothing new. Movements spring eternal, and for good reason. If you live and breathe, you're likely to be sensitive to the suffering of others. Maybe you're able to gauge the quality your own existence, measured against the plight of those in war-torn parts of the world. Maybe you'll be most acutely aware of starvation, as you raise food to your lips. Maybe the value of warmth and security dawns, as you turn off the light before sleeping soundly.

Today, Father's Day, I'm thinking particularly of the most vulnerable, those who have had their voices drowned out by the roar of conflict, or have become mute under the heel of oppression. Mostly, I'm thinking about the children. I can't bring light to their lives, but each time I give my own daughter a hug, I can remind myself of what it means to love, and to be loved.

Two stories, separated by column inches, yet worlds apart.

First story, the sad news of Brian Haw's death. Brian was an uncompromising peace campaigner. He was committed to a cause. His heart was in it.

Second story, the sad case of the iconic becoming ironic. Ringo Starr, habitual giver of the 'peace and love' sign, fails to fill the Liverpool Empire. Perhaps, after all these years at the cymbals, he's more comfortable with symbols.


  1. we (in general) have so much to be grateful for and are so often forgetful of that fact

    hope you had a contented father's and grandfather's day

  2. "Where have all the flowers gone..."

    Hope you and Speckly Woo are together for Fathers' Day!

  3. Happy Grandpas Day to you and Speckly Woo

  4. Good post. Sad about Brian Haw too. He was truly one in many million.

    Ringo? I daresay he still cries all the way to the bank. As part of the Beatles he was part of life, on his own? I've never been quite sure about that.

  5. I guess I must have subconsciously been thinking of my visit here earlier yesterday, Martin, when I posted that video of the Beatles on my blog before I went to bed. Weird eh?

    It's one of the songs I listen to on my MP3 player while I'm working the day job. You and Ringo must have triggered something. :-)

  6. R.I.P.Brian.A Very Sad Loss.One Of Him Outside Was Worth 100's Of Those MPs Inside.


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