Thursday, 11 August 2011

Elevations and Celebrations

Yesterday we had a lovely picnic lunch with our daughter and our grandchildren, at Danebury. It was one of those relaxed family outings. Food and drink in the sunshine, slow steps into the afternoon and lungfuls of fresh air.

The countryside slides away from the Iron Age hill fort on all sides, and it really does feel as though the world is at your feet. Perhaps, because of the elevation, the mind is apt to turn a bit philosophical. As when looking up at the night sky, the realisation comes with ringing clarity, that we are rather minute in the scheme of things. So it didn't come as any great surprise when our daughter mentioned something she'd heard recently, about life plans. Straight away, I'm thinking, how on earth does anyone even begin to plan their life?

I mean, at what point does a life plan begin? Is it something your parents draft up and present you with when you come of age? Is it something you do after dragging yourself from the depths of despair?

Answers on a very large postcard, please.

Young Mags, with no particular plan in mind

Today, we're all going to Dorset, as part of Mags' birthday celebrations. I suppose, statistically, life becomes a little more predictable for life planners over a certain age, but whenever I'm in the company of our grandchildren, I'm reminded of how sweet life can be, without thinking too far ahead.

I'm grateful to Tony for introducing me to this beautiful cover of Buddy Holly's 'Words of Love', sung by Patti Smith. This one's for you Mags. Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to Mags, what a gorgeous photo of her. Your family day out sounds wonderful; days like this are certainly the best.

    Life plans - don't think there is any such thing - we change, life around us changes - just go with it and enjoy it as much as you can, each day. Thats my plan anyway ;-)

  2. What a lovely photo - happy birthday to Mags :) I'm not big on planning everything out - rather run with the wind.

  3. The idea of a life plan is surely a recent phenom. I think our parents, grandparents and earlier ancestors were happy if they could keep food in their mouths and the wolf away from the door. With current economic unrest, the same may be true of us before long. Life plans aren't much good when jobs are scarce and the investments are doing the shimmy.

  4. Happy birthday celebrations. Let joy be unconfined. Which is my life plan, now I come to think of it.

  5. A wonderful picture of Mags! Life plan? Not me -- I'm making it up as I go along.

  6. I thought I had a plan but life thought otherwise! Happy birthday Mags.


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