Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Piglets and Posers

Our daughter tells us that shortly after the Radio Four news, yesterday, Speckly Woo was deep in thought, then came the inevitable question.

SW - So, how are things with Olivia?

Mum - Olivia?

SW - Yes, Olivia. Are they still fighting?

Mum - (pausing for thought) Olivia, the piglet?

SW - No…the man said something about fighting and Olivia.

Mum - (another lengthy pause) Oh, you mean Libya?

SW - (silence)

Mum - Is that what you meant, Libya?

SW - How are things, are they still fighting?

Oh to be four years old, with a head full of questions, and no fear of failure.


  1. That's so sweet. I love the innocence.

  2. Absolutely delightful, Martin! And dear Speckly Woo has so much more than mere artistic talent. But then, I already knew that, right?


  3. That's wonderful, what a gem. She doesn't miss much, your granddaughter!

  4. Oh this made me smile, thank you! So sweet. :-)

  5. Not one of my favourite characters - Olivier - but good to see your granddaughter has an interest in current affairs - haha - lovely.

  6. Then there's that wretched butter substitute, just to muddy the waters further...

  7. Martin, you are right - you have invented Piglet Wednesday.

  8. Wonderful! Now the news from Libya will make me smile.

  9. Solidarity with the Olivian Rebels!

  10. I am very glad that there appear to be no signs of laughter on your daughter's part. Or yours. At least not while SW was around.

  11. Bless this child so full of innocence and love.

  12. I remember being troubled as a child by news reports of "hot spots" and "trouble spots" around the world, but I never pictured Olivia being a part of it! How I wish our grandchildren could listen to the news without having to hear reports of war, murder, rape and corruption. But as long as these things are going on, people need to know about them.


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