Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Handbags and Gladrags

I've been a minority male in our family long enough to know that a girl isn't dressed if she doesn't have a bag in hand or over the shoulder. Though, I doubt I'll ever live long enough to grasp the complexities relating to the list of objects, carried in a girl's bag.

Our granddaughters have started early. Nan's handbag has always been a target for their little hands. Now, they have made their own, from used Jiffy bags, pieces of string,  and a customised front panel, hand decorated with their own design.

Perfect accessories for discerning girls. 


  1. Just where would a girl be without her handbag! These are gorgeous.

  2. I hope they designed one for you!

  3. Just for the record (and to show that we aren't all the same) I HATE handbags!

    (Though somtimes I have to use one, because women's clothes don't hve enough pockets.)

  4. Marilyn - They certainly fill them with a variety of interesting objects.

    Isabel - They didn't...but they do try out various hats on me.

    Frances - My wife would be in total agreement with you. She, too, regards them as a necessary evil, for the reasons you mention.

  5. They're fab! I prefer shoulderbags to handbags, myself, and that's what these look like. Perhaps you'll receive a designer man-bag? Such fun and creativity...

  6. Excellent designs : I would expect little less, they are your grandchildren after all. But why is it that only girls get to enjoy the delights of bags.

  7. I should keep steering them in this direction. There's a lot of money to be made from bags!


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