Monday, 10 October 2011

Look Mum, No Tripod!

Our recent trip to Salisbury was a family affair...

which included the ever present, Mary.

Familiar countryside passed in a flash and,

very soon, Speckly Woo was lining up suitable subjects. 
This ancient door-handle at the Cathedral, caught her eye.

As did this sculpture in silhouette...

and this rather fine sketch.


  1. She really does have a good eye. It's fascinating to see what catches her attention.

  2. How old is SW now Martin?
    You must be a fine mentor for her
    Happy days

  3. Must have been a 'grand day out' for all.

  4. jennyfreckles - She's just discovered that she can record short video clips, too. A whole new world.

    Delwyn - SW is almost five years old, now. I love it when we're out and about, cameras in hand.

    Isabel - It was magical.

  5. Fantastic stuff! Love to see the world through the eyes of children :)

  6. She does have a great eye for detail - and she's lucky enough to have such a good mentor and teacher.

    Julie xx

  7. what a love! Speckly Woo is a talented 5 year old- with the luck of having such a wonderful Grandfather!

  8. I think I might need to borrow your Speckly Woo. I have a photographic project coming up in the little village of Thornton and I need the help of "an artistic eye". (Don't tell Jennyfreckles though)

  9. Aw, bless her! Not much older than my youngest. The magic when seeing the world through their eyes is incomparable. If only we could hold onto it. :-)

  10. SW has a great future ahead of her. Quite the visionary!


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