Monday, 5 December 2011

Peppa with Everything

Speckly Woo was five on Saturday and, faced with the choice of a traditional party or a day out that included dinosaurs, a winter wonderland and Peppa Pig World, she asked that we all wrap up warm and head for the theme park just a few miles away.

This is a sample of what we saw... can guess what's coming next.

Told you so.

We all got to meet the main man after this and, take it from me, neither SW or her sisters indicated that they had seen any similarities between me and Santa. Of course, I keep my beard closely trimmed.

Outside, PP, herself was popping up...

...all over the place.

After about five hours, it was back to SW's for dinner, jelly and ice-cream, and birthday cake. Lemonade for the girls and Winter Pimms for the frost-bitten grown-ups. I'm sure Peppa would have approved.


  1. Happy birthday to Speckly Woo, she chose the activities for her day well. How wonderful. I would have loved seeing the dinosaurs ...and sampling the Winter Pimms (must admit I didn't know it so had to do a bit of research).

  2. Sounds like a fun day :) Happy birthday to Speckly Woo - 5 - woohoo!

  3. Winter Pimms and Peppa Pig - it doesnt get better than than, Martin. Birthday wishes to Birthday Girl:)

  4. Marilyn - Thank you. The Winter Pimms is well worth investigating.

    gabrielle - Thanks. A good time was had by all.

    Brigid - Thank you. I know, and the rain kept away, too!

  5. Birthday greetings from me, too.

    (And of course, there's no face like gnome.)

  6. PP has a habit of popping up I find. I do like the sound of Winter Pimms.

  7. Thanks, Frances. I'm with you. Days out like this are good for your elf, as long as your not sat goblin food all the time.

    Little Nell - Yes, the Winter Pimms was a new one to me. I heartily recommend it.

  8. I love love Speckly Woo stories!


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