Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I should have guessed

SW - Grandad, let's play Scooby-Doo.

Daphne's been kidnapped by a monster, and she'll marry whoever rescues her.

Me - But what if it's Scooby who  rescues Daphne?

SW - Then Daphne will marry a dog.


  1. hahaha - Scoobie is pretty cool, but marriage - haha. These holidays I have been roped into more doll house play than should be allowed.

  2. Been there Martin, my son is all Tintin focused at the moment, such fun after all the years of dolls.
    Maybe Daphne could do some rescuing all of her own:)
    I see you are reading Skippy Dies, I was at a reading last year where he read a really fun extract, enjoy it:)

  3. It is based in the Southern States isn't it?

  4. I suspect it would be a civil partnership rather than a full legal marriage, but there again I am getting old, so who knows. A most happy and joyous new year to you and your family Martin.

  5. We used to have a dog called Scooby when I was growing up. The Dooby Doo was optional...

    Dooby do you take this dawg...?

  6. Oh lord! Just the sort of things our Republican candidates are worried about happening -- legalize gay unions and marriage goes to the dogs.

  7. Ha ha! (And also Vicki's comment made me laugh!)

  8. There you are, easy!
    Why are grown-ups so fussy?

  9. oh goody goody a Speckly Woo fix for me- I just adore these snippets with Grandpa!


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