Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It's a Lock-Out!

Well there I was, just getting into the swing of my shiny new Facebook account, when the strangest thing happened. I turned my back for a few minutes, and someone took it upon themselves to change the locks.

Thinking (foolishly) that I could simply follow a few instructions to regain access to my account, I clicked the 'continue' button.

And there was an old friend waiting to help. A distinctly lonely looking WV. I say lonely, because I've got used to them appearing in pairs, here at Blogger. I carefully crossed and uncrossed my eyes, and eventually managed to enter what I saw, before clicking the 'submit' button.

I then sat, waiting for a 'special' code that would arrive in a text message. Bleep went the mobile, in went the code. Click 'submit' and...nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

There's no telling how long temporarily is in Facebook's world. This huge outfit has no direct contact number, and the only email address I found, merely returned my enquiry with the news that Facebook had streamlined it's enquiry service by directing frustrated and disgruntled users to the help pages.

I remember a similar scenario when, as a boy, I kicked my ball over the fence, into the garden next door. I called out, rang the doorbell, rattled the letterbox and even considered writing a note on a paper dart. The ball was thrown back, after a long wait. I don't feel so confident about my FB account. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


  1. How odd--I've not heard that one before--good luck with it! It would be rather annoying to say the least.

  2. Now I'm feeling really foolish. Everything's back to normal...whatever that is.

  3. Isn't that always the way, Martin! FB does seem to block people or hide their pages or posts every now and then. Glad you're back.

    1. I know, technology, eh? Very odd.