Thursday, 10 May 2012

Death Star

Please look.
You see?
His school book,
where he drew
a star for me.

Please listen.
Can you hear?
His mother
crying prayers
to keep him near.

Please speak.
Will you tell?
Relay our grief,
our greatest loss,
our awful, living hell.

(School children died when a car bomb exploded in Damascus, today. In the news report, the charred remains of a child's school book was displayed. There was a drawing of a smiling star among its charred pages)


  1. Martin, this is a devastatingly beautiful poem, for a heartbreaking event. I heard the news this morning... what else can one say?

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Horrific stuff - your poem is truly moving.

  3. Thank you, Martin. Sincerely.

  4. Powerful, Martin - so much said in so few words. A living hell it is indeed.

  5. It can sometimes be a terrible world we live in, Martin. If only people would realise what they're doing to one another - and themselves.

  6. So, so sad--the situation and the poem you wrote to capture it.

  7. So moving... thank you, Martin.

  8. Thank you for that beautiful poem. It seems to salvage the preciousness of those children's lives from the rubble. I echo Kid's 'if only'...

  9. I think I saw that picture, out of the corner of my mind whilst I was half watching the TV News. But it took your words to bring home the depth of sadness in such an image, such an act.

  10. Thanks for your comments. These stories tear me up. Little, innocent kids, full of spirit and imagination. Their lives cut short so brutally...and for what?

  11. Very moving...children and war is an appalling combination

  12. what an awful tragedy and what a moving item to find left there


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