Monday, 4 June 2012

Head and Heart

SW has been searching for a heart-shaped stone for quite a while now. Yesterday I turned one up, whilst digging. When I showed her what I'd found, she was delighted, and immediately took scurried off to wash it.

I resumed digging whilst SW sat nearby, handling the stone. I could hear the cogs turning, as I worked, and it wasn't long before she was engaged in a project of her own.

Eventually, I was directed to a spot along a grassy path.

The stone had become a head...

but, was she an outdoor girl, or

a party girl? 


  1. That is so cool. As I read, I was thinking, "Great! the heart stone was finally found!" For me, that was the end of the story. But not for SW, oh no, it's just the beginning of more stories. Oh to have the freedom of imagination of a child again...

  2. The party girl is sweet, but my favourite is the outdoor one!

  3. haha - who would have thought - such creativity. My kids found a fungi shaped like a heart once - they took a photo - I might keep my eye out for more hearts in the wild. Thanks Martin.

  4. I'm buying my ticket now for her first exhibition!

  5. Oh, that makes me smile! ;) A round one just wouldn't do I suppose! That is too typical!

    I know another blogger who collects heart shaped stones. She has quite a nice little group of them!


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