Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Christmas Wishes!

In wishing you all a Happy Christmas,
I thought I'd take the opportunity
to remember two more Grandfathers
in my family line.

This, sent from the front, during the First World War,
by my Great-Grandfather, William Benjamin Butler, 
to my Great-Grandmother, Edith.
This, painted by my own Grandfather, Asher,
towards the end of his long life.
A Very Happy Christmas
Every good wish for 2013! 


  1. They are beautiful. The one sent from the front with "EL" reminds me of how my aunts always used to sign off their letters. And the painting by Asher is simply lovely.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours x

    1. Thanks, Teresa. That little painting means a great deal. There's a lot of honesty in it.

      Happy Christmas!

  2. Happy Christmas Martin :) Those flowers are lovely - obviously an artistic family you have!

  3. Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year, Martin.

  4. You are obviously the most recent of a long line of talented grandfathers! Thanks for sharing those beautiful cards. A very happy Christmas to you and yours, Martin. Thanks for all your interesting and funny posts over the year. I wish you all a great year in 2013.

  5. lovely card and lovely painting by your greats. Merry Christmas, Martin! xo

  6. Hey Martin! You & Yours Have A Good Un!


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