Monday, 3 December 2012

Tied up in Knots

There's something heartening about the sight of children getting their heads together. Whether they're attempting to solve a riddle, crowding over a rare 'find', or simply concocting something designed to trip up the adults, the huddle is the formation of choice.

SW's birthday gathering

Bunching together is something we tend to steer clear of as we grow up, unless we're participating in one of those bonding exercises, so often central to team-building awaydays. More often than not, we're happiest within our own carefully created spatial parameters, although there's nothing quite like the high street sales for turning off our inhibitions to a point where we feel ready to join the scrum.


  1. perfect example of adults veering away from the herd is to observe the behavior while in an elevator! Children however would rather be together.

    1. Ah yes, the elevator scenario. Of course, kids just enjoy pressing the buttons and going for a ride.


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