Thursday, 10 January 2013

You Never Know...

I’ve just finished reading the foreword to an Open University pamphlet entitled, ‘How Do They Know That?’, written by Andrew Marr. He begins, “But did it really happen?” He’s actually asking the question that should occupy the minds of all good historians. But in light of yesterday’s news that this eloquent and amiable TV presenter had suffered a stroke, aged 53, I found myself asking the same question, followed by, how could that be?

Marr is a lifelong distance runner. He has been obsessed with pounding out the miles since childhood, and he's just one of many who slip on their trainers and take to the lonely streets on a quest for something other than the cardiovascular benefits. According to an article in The Telegraph he feels that the practice is not only a part of his identity, but an aid to continued sanity in the face of his “punishing workload.”

Earlier in the week, my attention was drawn to the words of a 102 year Greek islander, "I don't eat processed food, I don't smoke and I don't get stressed," says George Kassiotis. "I'm not worried about death. We know that we all are going to go there."

I wish Andrew Marr a speedy and full recovery, and maybe an extended holiday on the island of Ikaria…without his running kit.


  1. I was shocked by the news, Martin and I too wish him a speedy recovery x

    1. Another one of those reminders of what a fine line we tread, Teresa.

  2. I have always suspected running is very bad for the health ;) and joints! Doesn't matter how fit you are - if the cholesterol is high or the blood pressure high, then exercise can be a killer.