Monday, 13 January 2014

Throwing off, and up, in a theatrical manner

First post of 2014. I would have been here earlier but someone must have hit the fast forward button one minute into the new year. I would have been oblivious to the loud click, anyway, as I was tucked up and fast asleep when the wheels finally fell off 2013.

Anyway, strange Christmas holiday with the family falling, one by one, to a stomach virus. We maintained contact via text and telephone and fortunately, after a few days, they were all on the road to recovery. Just as we were spared the strains of Auld Lang Syne, we also managed to avoid the dissonant harmonies of heads in toilet bowls.

We had a planned family outing to the theatre booked for New Year’s Eve, but that had to be deferred until yesterday, when we finally got to take our seats for a production of The Nutcracker. It was excellent. A little dark in places, maybe, but SW and Things 1 and 2 were riveted from the start.

If I’ve had any vague notions with regard to resolutions, they’ve probably included a promise to make more theatre trips. We’re booked for Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, in March, and The Lion King is on the cards. But it’s the smaller production companies I have a soft spot for, and hopefully we’ll get along to see more this year.

Jack Frost appears, courtesy of Thing 2

Of course, vague resolutions will always include writing, although my flying start for 2014 hasn’t been maintained thus far. But one of my other passions took a surprise turn recently, when a few like-minded souls expressed an interest in setting up a Facebook group with a view to discussing and exploring alternative education systems, teaching and learning. The group, and Facebook page, is simply called Another Way. I’m not sure that what we have to say will shake the world of education, but the forum is a place for the exchange of thoughts and ideas about how we educate our children. If you have a Facebook account, and you’d like to ‘Like’ us, or even join the group, please feel free.

Well, a belated Happy New Year to all of you! And a belated thank you for continuing to venture into the Square Sunshine, even though my posts have been pretty irregular in recent months.


  1. 'Oh dear' to the stomach bug and ‘great’ to the theatre trip. With regard to smaller companies, I wonder if you ever saw Forest Forge in action, or perhaps they didn’t travel your way. We saw some excellent productions of theirs at Salisbury Playhouse (Salberg), and at Tidworth as part of the Salisbury Festival.

    1. No, Forest Forge are new to me, Nell. I've just been to their website. Interesting.


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