Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ballot Papers and Smiting in the Writing.

It's 'Walk to School Week', this week and, in case you hadn't noticed, it's European Election Day, today! Thank goodness we had the opportunity to walk to the school - voting takes place in the village hall, adjacent - with SW and sisters. They sugared our polling pill. Things 1 & 2 were preoccupied with describing - in gory detail - a dead bird we saw at the side of the footpath, but SW pressed me on precisely what voting is, and why do we do it. I didn't have the heart to tell her that better informed people than me were perpetually scratching their heads over the same questions.

Anyway, as an antidote to politics, I thought you'd rather share SW's latest writing project. It has a slight nod to 'Peter Pan', and 'Rise of the Guardians', but there are some interesting social observations in there, too. I think that some of our politicians might want to take note of what happens to Bogey Men.

The day of the summer term holiday had finally arrived.
Anna, Emma and Rose were going to a wedding.
The wedding was in France, near a place called Gint Vill.
Anna, Emma and Rose were all fairies, and talented, too.
Anna was a slim girl, and the oldest. The others were pretty much the same.
Now, they needed to fly there, so they hurried off.
They needed pixie dust, fast.
The shop-keeper was a plump man, but that
didn't stop him from being the friendliest man in the city.
When they arrived, a terrible surprise awaited them.
'Pitch Black' was there. Now you may think this is an expression.
It's not. You'll recognise the name when I say it. Here it is, The Bo-o-g-y  M-a-n.
Yes, the Boogy Bogey Man. He was standing by a shadowy tree, and the garden gate said,
number 16, Honey Road. 
That's odd, Honey Road is where Lucy's home is.
Lucy was the girl getting married.
In the morning, they were in the swimming pool.
They had a lovely time.
At the wedding they all sat down.
Anna, Emma and Rose all sat down on
the first row on the left.
Then Pitch came.
Anna took her wand, and fired it at him.
He fired back, but so many fairies were casting spells...
They did it, and defeated Pitch.
And they all lived happily ever after!


  1. Fabulous! You've reminded me that my four-year-old son used to use the phrase "pitch blond"... logical!

    1. Christine, "pitch blond", I'm going to remember that!

  2. A writer and future queen of retribution in the making.

    We too went ‘voting’, taking Millie, which made it into a walk rather than a chore.
    Those lists of candidates! I hadn’t heard of most of them and never want to hear from them again, either.

    1. Nice to see you here again, Friko. Re that list of candidates, I needed a crash course in paper folding to get it into the ballot box!

  3. SW's stories are getting more and more wild and wonderful!

    I voted Green, simply because I agree with most of their proposals. Everyone should try that, forgetting about the bloody money.

    1. Tim, I'm trying to persuade SW to produce a manifesto for 2015. Might be worth voting for?

  4. that's a pretty good antidote :)

  5. what a lovely story, so beautifully illustrated too!


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