Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fresh air, ice-cream, and going ape!

Had a fabulous family day out at Moors Valley Country Park. Although we paused for a ride on the miniature steam railway, ice-creams, and multiple playground activities, there was adventure and celebration in the air, too.

Now 35 years old, I think this little girl might be past close encounters with bears. Even those with a seat and wheels! However, her daughter, SW, was very keen to 'Go Ape' with her dad.

And, do you remember what I said in my last post, about scaling fallen tree trunks, twice your own height? Well, as far as Things 1 and 2 are concerned, it's mission accomplished!


  1. I remember that Country Park; we used to take my pupils there for a Summer trip - great fun. I remember that push-along too; look we had one just like it.

    Table Talk

    1. Nell, the grandchildren love it there. Lots of climbing, exploring, etc, etc. Of course, the fine weather made it extra special. Yes, those push-alongs were quite popular. Happy days!


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