Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Brink

Anyone who has me in their newsfeed, at that other place (Facebook) will have probably read this. It isn't an erudite appraisal of the current political situation facing the UK. It isn't a clever analysis of the history of the Middle East, and our role in it. It isn't a well informed, speculative statement about all that might go wrong when bombs are dropped in our name. It's just what was on my mind, late yesterday evening. It's what occurred to me, as a human being; a confused, fearful individual who just wants the cycle of killing to end. As a husband, father and grandfather, I just want all other husbands, fathers and grandfathers to have some peace in their lives.

After the rolling news stories, the shouting from the sidelines, the self-appointed experts that seek to steer opinion on social media, the only thing I really know, is this: in a distant land there are families just like mine. They cry, they laugh, they hope, and many of them pray for a better world. They long to prosper and grow old in the place they know and love, with those they know and love. Right now they live in unimaginable fear and anxiety, while I am confused and not a little ashamed that our elected politicians, of all persuasions, can't get a grip and come up with something other than bombs.

Surely those seated at the top table have a responsibility to pursue every other conceivable route to a peaceful solution, before voting to take more innocent lives? I'm sure someone will tell me how politically naïve this is, but it's how I feel right now.


  1. Couldn't agree more...it seems as if our politicians think that violence and war is the answer to everything.

  2. I just wish I knew the answer. I don't, and nor, evidently, does anyone else. You can't argue against them, because argument isn't part of their stock in trade. You can't reason or negotiate with them, ditto. And you can't even kill them, because it's too risky to innocents. I do have some thoughts, but a blog comment isn't the place for them.

  3. Me too Martin, me too.
    I can’t bear the thought of more bombs falling on innocent civilians; they say they can pinpoint ISIL positions exactly but it is surely a certainty that that isn’t true. How long ago is it since bombing raids started?

    I watch European news channels and there is no way that the refugee crisis will not get worse if yet more destruction rains down on the country. Seeing those desperate people still trekking along now that the cold has come is heart breaking.

    And we won’t be any safer.

  4. I totally agree with you Martin. Well written.

  5. So true :( It must be terrifying to be bombed and to be a refugee - our leaders never seem to learn from history!

  6. Hello Martin - I finally have a moment to read your blog. Our Isabel, now 17, was hugely distressed by the vote to bomb Syria. Although she is young, she is not politically naive. She is a clear-sighted and loving person. It's all so desperately sad... Wishing you and yours all good things in 2016. X

  7. Thanks for your thoughts on this. It's always been a crazy world, and it seems we're entering a phase where crazy has just got cranked up another notch.


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