Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Solarised Panels

Today has been one of those grey, overcast days that was always going to end in tears....in the form of raindrops.

I could feel the moisture in the air long before it came.

Halfway through a game of hide and seek with Speckly-Woo! (for the benefit of new visitors, this is our two year old granddaughter) I excused myself and took to the garden with my camera. I'm not sure what I hoped to find there, and as it turned out, I didn't really capture anything of great interest. Then I started to idly play around with the images this evening and produced the following. I don't usually make a habit of messing with my photographs to this degree but I found these shots quite pleasing in an otherwise colourless day.....weatherwise, that is!



© 2009, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. Hi Martin

    I'm a bit like you...if I have a spare few minutes I might play on some leafy imagery...

    I like the bottom pic for its cobwebby timeless look...

    Happy days

  2. Hi Delwyn,

    Yes, this is just a bit of doodling, in a sense, but it is possible to get some interesting results.

    I'm glad you like the third photo of the three. That's the one I'm most pleased with too.

  3. Yep, the third one is best. It has an etherial quality - an air of mystery and magic. The imagination can really take off while looking at it. Wnder what it was really?!

  4. Jinksy,

    That's an overwhelming vote in favour of number three then.

    Hope I won't spoil things for you if I say that this is a shot of a rather knarled and knotty apple tree in our daughter's garden. It called out to be photographed but this end result has certainly shown it in a new light!

  5. You've clearly entered the twilight zone... they look almost like colorized negatives, but with photoshop, anything is possible these days...

  6. Owen,

    Strangely, even though these shots are just for fun, I still feel a little guilty about relying on the software too much for effect. Mind you, number three grows on me the more I see it!

  7. Love the altered photos! Kinda magical, especially three. Looking for Oberon and Queen Tatania.


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