Monday, 19 July 2010

Fairy Song

As Speckly Woo! and I were getting down to some serious colouring today, she suddenly burst into song. I thought it must be something she'd heard on a TV programme, or maybe she'd picked it up from listening to one of her CDs.

I looked to our daughter for some guidance. She informed me, with a big grin that, as far as she could ascertain, this was a Speckly Woo! composition.

You'll have to do without the melody, but I did manage to get the words written down, and they are as follows:

I wish I was a fairy
Landing in the dairy,
Wishing for a cow
And Ballerina Belle
And a spaceship
And a rocket
And a star.

She was singing it in such a carefree and easy manner. A jewel of a moment.

© 2010, copyright Martin T. Hodges


  1. Those moments are so precious. You do well to capture it - we think we'll remember but often we don't. Seems like she has some of her grandfather's poetic genes.

  2. Me thinks your little Speckly inherited your poetic DNA!

  3. That is so sweet. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Thank you for sharing the moment! Hugs to Speckly Woo!

  5. The girl has talent. I have always had a suspicious that one could "catch" creativity from those around you - rather like catching a cold.

  6. Aw, so sweet! It has to be one of my very favourite things, when they sing with abandon. They grow out of it all too soon. A treasure.

  7. Aw. Bless her. She's definitely inherited some of your poetic talent!

  8. If I was a fairy, I'd choose a better place than a dairy to spread my wings! LOL :)

  9. Speckly Woo! is such a charm! How beautiful that she is so gifted with words... as she is with her paints and colors. Her dreams and wishes are certainly wild and free. May I suggest you keep a camcorder handy whenever Speckly Woo! is around? You never know when these jewels of moments will just spring up, after all.

    Please do tell the fairy bard I adore her passion for life... and her imagination!


  10. jennyfreckles - I document what I can. As you rightly say, these moments are so precious.

    willow - She certainly has a way with words.

    Mildred, Vicki, Teresa, Ellie - Glad you liked it. I'll pass on your kind comments.

    Alan - I'm sure I have caught a little something from Speckly Woo!

    Ciara - Yes, they grow so quickly. Thankfully they leave little treasures in their wake.

    jinksy - The wonder of a seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Right now, a dairy probably seems as exotic as a magic castle.

    Nevine - We do have a camcorder, and we have captured some special moments. They are all backed up on various disks.

    I will pass on your message. She certainly is an inspiration, with identical twin sisters following closely behind!


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