Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Cake, Anyone?

To be truthful, my writing outside of this blog, is pretty stop/start. I do have projects underway, but progress is slow. I know some of the problem…I think too much. I mean, I still try to write within touching distance of the sign that reads, 'RULES'.

Cue Speckly Woo! Yesterday I was, once more, the willing accomplice in one of her colourful, free-flowing plot-lines. Hang on to your hats, it went something like this.

There was to be a party, attended by as many yellow rabbits as a lump of play doh would allow. The rabbits had to remain asleep while Speckly Woo! made a special cake for the celebrations. The cake, which borrowed certain design features that are standard in pizza-making, was topped off with a single cherry. There's a piece missing, and I'll tell you why in a moment.

Enter the bad wolf…or, rather, wolf's head. At first he has been invited to the party because he has promised to stick to cake, and not eat any of the rabbits. Unfortunately, temptation got the better of him, and at least one bunny lost an ear or two. I've decided not to show that scene, as it's too distressing.

Uncharacteristically, Speckly Woo! set about the errant wolf, with a small rolling pin. Then she felt sorry for the poor chap and promptly tore away some the cake to use as a bandage.

With the wolf convalescing, wrapped in recycled cake, the plot took another twist. The remaining cake was to be transformed into spaghetti, for the rabbits, it being their favourite food.


  1. I hear Dreamworks calling about a screen play....

  2. Brilliant plot!

  3. You sure can mold out a fine party! :-)

  4. May every child born in the world..have a grandfather like Speckly Woos!'s. That's my wish for the world. We'd have no upset children who grow into upset adults!

  5. Actually I'd rather have spaghetti that transforms into cake, if that's OK with Speckly Woo!

  6. What a great story! Children do indeed have fluid imaginations, when they are not contained by a rigid storyline.

  7. I love the world of children; it is so very special.

  8. And they say there's only 7 basic plots!.... NOW WHERE'S MY CAKE!!!! *stamps foot*

  9. I think you should let Speckly Woo write any stories you wish to compose.
    she's obviously much better at it than you.

  10. English Rider - I wish!

    madamebutterfly - Yes, it could have legs.

    Carrie Burtt - I was under instructions from a three year old.

    Joan - That's a lovely thought. I'd wish for happy children, everywhere, too.

    jennyfreckles - I'll have a word with the chef.

    Vicki - With or without the sauce?

    Susan - Long may it continue!

    Marilyn - It is a magical place. That's for sure.

    brokenbiro - If I had known, I'd have saved you a piece.

    Friko - The thought had crossed my mind...seriously.


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