Monday, 8 November 2010

High Chairs and Settling Dust

I've been raising dust today, not to mention eyebrows, because the broom cupboard, I call study, was in desperate need of a tidy up. The shredder's been working overtime and the recycling bin is bulging at the sides. I can see my face in my monitor (not all good news, then) and there's space on my desk!

Of course, stuff that I've tidied away, is now lost until the next purge. Conversely, stuff I gave up for lost, has now reappeared. That's not all, I have also discovered items I never knew I had. From within the confines of a crumpled envelope, a handful of old postcards made themselves known to me.

This one, illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell, caught my eye straight away. And I was just dwelling on the peaceful innocence, encapsulated in this picture, when my thoughts turned to the next scene in a possible sequence. One where the child has woken up, hungry. How might Lucy have portrayed the scene?

More than 30 years ago, we had just the girl for the job. Alas, she arrived 15 years after dear Lucy departed.


  1. What a lovely linking of two images. Mabel L-A drawings are favourites of mine. I wish I could find time for a similar blitz of my study but, even if I did, I doubt I'd find anything quite so enjoyable.

  2. Come and do the same for me?

    It must be autumn, I have started to 'tidy' up too and the floor of my study - a proper room of one's own - is now covered in piles of books, magazines, diaries, cuttings, photographs. I sit in the debris, happily wasting time.

    On second thoughts, scrap that invitation to come over and help, I am having too much fun.

  3. I love Mabel Lucie Attwell - her pictures had such charm. And your daughter was a little cutie too - mine had a cardie just like that!

  4. Oh dear, you shame me. My alleged study is a disaster area, Tomorrow, I swear, I'll wrench it into order...

    Darling pictures!

  5. jennyfreckles - The postcards are a bit of mystery. The postmark on the envelope they were in, is dated 1973, and addressed to a neighbour of my late grandparents.

    Friko - Far be it from me, to interrupt your fun.

    Teresa - Thanks. The postcard and the photo seemed like a good pairing. She's still a cutie...but I would say that, wouldn't I?

    Vicki - It had to be done. I was drowning in paper, a terrible way to go!

  6. I used to have small kids
    I know what you are talking...

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    Glad to land on your exciting poetry land here.

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  8. The ML Attwell postcard is endearing, but even more so your baby girl! :-)

    I went through my work spaces (well, the places where I stash my stuff, I am a constant wanderer, right now I own the dining room table) just before the fall semester started, knowing I would not have the time for another clean-up until the summer of 2011. I thought I had done a good job in sorting and redistributing the wealth (?). Well, turns out that I am not much better off than when I was swimming in the previous mess! Every time I am looking for something, I can't remember where in the world I put it. Somehow, a controlled mess is more congenial, methinks. ;-)

  9. Both girls are cute, but the real-life girl would be the winner in any contest!


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