Thursday, 3 November 2011

The First Lady

While the grown-ups wring their hands over pensions they may never get, lose sleep in the Eurozone, and talk as though lives depend on who gets voted off 'Strictly Come Dancing', trust the children to be asking the sensible questions.

Yesterday, about mid-way between her home and ours:

Speckly Woo -  "What did the first lady, ever, in the land, do?"

Mum - "How do you mean, 'do'?"

Speckly Woo - "What job did she do?"

Mum - "Oh…um, right. What job…well, she…I mean, perhaps…

Speckly Woo - "She would have been a nurse."


  1. Oh yes. That makes perfect sense to me. We used to have a book in the staffroom for writing down some of the wit and wisdom of children. Made bright reading on a dull day.

  2. I have to agree with Speckly. Though everyone can nurse.

  3. Such a wise girl! We had a presidential election here and my youngest said when the male president was elected, 'That's unusual, a man president'.
    We've had a female president for 21 years so it was unusual for them.

  4. "From the mouths of babes" ... what a gem your Speckly Woo is!

  5. Amazing, you instantly understood what she was asking? And instantly understood her reading of the situation?

  6. Little Nell - You must have collected quite few, over the years. So of those quotes can be priceless, can't they?

    Tim - Well, Speckly Woo's paternal grandmother was a nurse. Perhaps she'll be one, too.

    Brigid - They say it like it is, completely fearless. That's what I love about kids.

    Isabel - She has her moments.

    Nana Jo - Exactly. Her commentary on the world around her, like that of most children, is often an education.

    Friko - Had I been in the car, I'm sure I would have been as stumped for an answer, as our daughter was.

  7. What a brilliant mind she has, Speckly Woo! I am ever amazed at her insight. That must have brought some smiles...


  8. Love it! Conversations with kids can be both surreal and wise.


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