Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tunnel Vision

Well there I was, explaining how I am fascinated by philosophical perspectives on life and death, and up pops Speckly Woo with a dinnertime theory guaranteed to make us think, and splutter a little.

SW - I suppose our bodies are like tunnels, aren't they?

Mum - Tunnels?

SW - Yes. I mean, we put food in one end and…

Mum - Ah, yes, I see where this is heading.

SW - The food we eat is a bit like a train, isn't it?

Mum - Don't forget to finish your peas.

SW - But isn't it, though? It goes in our mouths and comes out of our…

Mum - Peas! Don't forget to eat your peas.

A short pause ensues.

SW - When we parmp, that must be the train sounding its hooter in the tunnel.


  1. I've heard tell that a train's hooter "parmps" typically 40 times a day. That's a smart little cookie you've got there, Martin!

    P.S. The word verification is: billous (very close to another word that often leads to parmps, in my experience).

  2. Oh, wonderful story! Of course, she's right.

  3. I had to go on a Circle Line train recently, and this vividly reminded me of the experience.

  4. Too funny - bwhahahahaha - I promised the kids I would write a farting poem (hmmm - I will have to finish it one day I suppose).

  5. Very cute! But I've never heard that particular term before.

  6. Oh wonderful! I am looking forward to when Harriet is talking as I love seeing how the minds of little ones develop and grow.

  7. Wonderful aren't they?

    ...and the fare structure represents taking the piss....

  8. Out of the mouths (and other extremities).........! Clever girl.

  9. How funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Speckly Woo is a natural philosopher.


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