Thursday, 17 November 2011

Who Gives a Hoot?

For the past few weeks an owl has taken to hooting, in the trees behind us, at around 05.00. The calls are returned as a weak echo, from a distant wooded area, beyond the village green. This exchange has been known to continue way into our second cup of tea.

Stay with me, as there's a theme to this post, but we have to consider a character from 'The Gruffalo' en route. I've become familiar with the owl in the story, along with the other creatures - who wouldn't, after repeated viewings -  and, I've learnt something else. Whilst one of our twin granddaughters is content to see herself as a little mouse, the other is a more fascinated with the role of the owl. Let's hope this isn't sibling rivalry taken to the extreme.

And then, there's this little creation. Okay, I've added a few stars, a moon and a tree, but the owl is the product of our daughter's five year old imagination. It had gone to roost between the pages of a 'schooldays treasure album' more than a quarter of a century ago, and has only emerged quite recently. So, who gives a hoot? Well, I do, of course.


  1. That's interesting Martin. I remember reading that whichever Teletubby a child prefers links to their personality type, maybe there is meaning behind which character they pick. I love 'The Gruffalo' and how lovely to find your daughter's picture. Nowadays, I photograph my kids artwork and save it digitally, not the same as the real thing, though, like you have.

  2. Brigid - Both girls can be a bit fickle, but they seem united on one thing...they've nominated me as the Gruffalo!

    Photographing and saving digitally has its advantages, you know. No chance of deterioration, over the years, for one. I tend to scan the girls' artwork, too.

  3. On the one hand, how fabulous to hear an owl. On the other 5.00 am. We never read the Gruffalo...strange omission really

  4. What a hoot, a mouse and an owl, siblings rivalry taken to the extreme! ;-)
    What's next, a parliament of owls in your house?

  5. Hey, Gruffalo, lovely that you kept your daughter's artwork - a terrific owl indeed. I never thought of making digital copies of my kids artwork as an archive thing - wouldn't know where to start - I do however have a lot of their 'originals' - haha - sure takes a lot of space.

  6. Hi Martin
    Are the owls around all year?
    I have numerous folders of my kids' artwork and creations...possible twice as much for kid#1 than kid#4 when it wasn't such a novelty...
    I used samples to make 21st albums for them as they reached that milestone.

  7. Your granddaughters are developing their own personalities, you must get so much pleasure in being with them and seeing this happen.

    I have yet to learn childrens' programs and stories, no doubt Harriet will bring me to date as she grows.

    I too have kept some of our childrens' art, they are real treasures.

    Here we hear the ruru, NZ's only surviving native owl... 'more pork, more pork', it calls, hence it's common name of Morepork.

  8. Strange! The next blog post I visited belongs to Lucy at The Kitchen Maid and she has a recipe for Gruffalo Crumble, maybe your granddaughters would be interested in making/eating it!

  9. It’s so nice to be able to preserve the artwork digitally. I wish we’d had that option 30 years ago! I still have some of my son’s and daughter’s pictures I’m pleased to say. Our own twin grandchildren produce offerings on a production line, and after a suitable period of adorning the fridge, some of them have to be ‘recycled’. I do hope we don’t find they are going to be the next Picasso - or Tracey Emin!

  10. Nota Bene - It's a good job we're early risers, isn't it?

    Merisi - Well, three wise little girls, at least.

    Gabrielle - We have a huge box of our daughter's work, but this was an unexpected surprise. I tend to scan a lot of the pictures the grandchildren create. That's a real 'positive' with digitisation.

    Delwyn - Hi. Yes, the owls are around all year, but this pair have become 'regulars' in the hooting contest. I like the idea of the albums.

    Marilyn - The next time I hear our owl, I'll be thinking 'more pork, more pork'. Thanks for the link. I've forwarded it to my daughter.

    Little Nell - I may trawl through, and scan some selected items from all those years ago. I know what you mean about production lines. We've resisted so far, but the time will come when recycling (after scanning) will be a necessity.

  11. I love hearing the owls calling to each other. We're in a relatively developed area, but they still like to hang out in the trees behind our house.

  12. it's a lovely owl...

    There used to be an owl that i would see regularly in its roost, but not seen it for months...

  13. What a gorgeous post and picture! My eldest grandson is presently totally enamoured of owls. He reads about them copiously. For his 8th birthday in September, we bought him a beautiful framed painting of a owl. He has it hanging in his bedroom. For Christmas one of the gifts I have got for him is a beautiful small soapstone owl. I have also ordered the book, 'Hoot', by Carl Hiassen.


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