Friday, 8 March 2013

A Spell of Reading

SW marked World Book Day in style with
two imaginary characters,

and a bookmark depicting  some of the
usual suspects from Ruth Symes' books. 
Note that somewhere in the
spell casting, letters 't' and 'g' have vanished. 
Witchling, though, is a current bedtime favourite.


  1. adorable! love that those 2 letters are missing! One of mine would leave out 15 while counting. ha.

  2. i'm Sure I Saw Those Two Imaginary Characters Play Hebden Bridge Trades Club Once.........

  3. Oh I miss the joy of World Book Day. I used to dress up too you know!

  4. Very nice! She has a good eye.

  5. I love SW's characters! They could walk off the page, as it were. Hooray for Book Day. I was feeling nostalgic for it when I saw the signs in the bookshop.


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