Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Yesterday's fashion critic turns her attention to micro-scooters.


  1. There must be a poem waiting to be written there Martin!

  2. I have been a daisy-dreamer all my life. They are my favourite flower. I even carried a bouquet of daisies at my wedding. Such a gorgeous photo, Martin.

    1. Thanks, Jo. The girls spend a lot of time picking daisies and presenting them in tiny bunches. It's lovely to witness.

  3. Oops, and down she goes, but at least it was a soft down!

    1. And at that age, it's not so far to fall, Karen!

  4. Oh yes, my daughter at 15 is still very much a daisy-dreamer. It's her favourite flower. I think there is a poem calling out to be written here!

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