Thursday, 25 July 2013

Where's an elephant when you need one?

I have a good reputation for being punctual. Never late for school, never late for work. One of my bosses from the 70s declared, “I know if you’re not here to clock on at 05.00, you’re not turning up at all.” A sort of backhanded compliment, I suppose. Also a reflection of my career ambitions in those days. An indifferent attitude to a dead end job, the likes of which you could leave in the morning to find another in the afternoon.

Anyway, I’m disappointed with myself, to discover that I missed posting on Square Sunshine’s fourth anniversary, which was three days ago.

An elephant never forgets. I wonder how rhinos fare?

It’s not that I had anything special to announce, and besides, my head was full of Manet and Land Art. What I would have said was a big THANKS to all of you who continue to visit this blog. I sometimes wish the posts ran to more of a theme, but those thoughts and observations in the header, keep coming. I never quite know what I’ll post about next, and you never quite know what to expect. I’m happy to keep it that way, and I look forward to sharing a little slice of my life with you for a long time to come.


  1. Set your alarm for next year. You can't miss the 5th! (The 5th anniversary is 'wood', isn't it? I'll send you a twig.)

  2. Martin, there are blogs and there are special blogs. Square Sunshine has always been a special blog, one I always look forward to turning to. Who needs themes when what your readers get in a steel thread of great writing running through whatever you say. Keep on blogging, my friend.

  3. Many congratulations! It doesn't matter that you're a few days late in realising it, as the internet is timeless. Thank YOU for your wonderful blog, and also your unfailingly supportive and kind comments on my own. I love the element of the unexpected on your blog, and I agree with Alan that the one consistent aspect is your wonderful, imaginative writing. That ties it all together so there is a great coherence to it. Your post titles in particular are intriguing and delightful. I often laugh just seeing the title - a good beginning to a blog-reading experience. Keep up the good work, Martin! (or is it play?)

  4. Your thoughts and observations are always a treat, and I hope your blog lives on for a good long while.

    As for missing the actual date, it's the real world that should take precedence; we'll still be here when the posts pop up.

    All the best on your "fourth".


  5. Agree with all the above. You're not predictable - but always readable - and that's why I keep up to date with your blog... as well as that you feel like a good friend these days.

  6. Happy blogaversary Martin :) may you continue for many a moon

  7. Oh gosh who bothers to count, (but really where in the heck were you!) Just kidding! We're just happy as long as post, when you can, (We'll be there!) Your faithful followers just a click away! Happy 4 years!

  8. I love spontaneous blogs- love surprises and Happy 4th! Cheers!


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