Saturday, 17 August 2013

Filling the space in-between

Planning no longer comes easily to me - these days I never wear a watch. When I finished with work, discarding the timepiece seemed like the most natural thing in the world, to do. This doesn’t mean that I never check the time. I just don’t have it manacled to my wrist anymore. I’m as punctual as I ever was, but those bits of the jigsaw that go to make up an average week, have a looser fit. Consequently, the final picture of events has a certain movement to it. Movement that can cause your feet to fall into a gentle pattern of dance or, a shifting and repositioning that calls for holding on tight. 

During the past few days, the shapes and spaces we call time-slots, have joined in a way that shimmers, when viewed from the angle of a Saturday afternoon.

A visit to an old friend on Monday and the loan of two fabulous Steve Gibbons CDs. Later, Thing 2 flew solo, and spent her first night ever, separated from Thing 1 – a very special time.

We went to Sandham Memorial Chapel on Wednesday, where the breathtaking work of Stanley Spencer adorns the walls. And the serenity of that visit stood us in good stead for Thing 2, following closely in her sister’s footsteps. Another successful sleep-over.

Thursday morning we had all three girls on a shopping trip, followed by a long lunch at their house.

Friday, Mags and I had lunch dates with friends and former colleagues.

You’ll get the picture, even though I haven’t had the inclination to frame it with the guidance of straight-edged pieces.


  1. Who needs time when you can squeeze so much happiness into your week.

  2. Life's jigsaw forms its own patterns, never mind the edges...

  3. happy days :) I've never worn a watch for very long.

    1. I loathed wearing a watch, Gabrielle. As well as it being a constant reminder of the passing minutes, I found it physically uncomfortable.

    2. same here - too uncomfortable to wear - always taking them off as soon as I could and losing them - so if I did wear one I'd get the cheapest watch going.


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