Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Miss Perfect?

These are the days that will shape our children and grandchildren, and I know that the little ones will adapt to the world they know. For a time, they will lay claim to it, as we once did. They will be okay with the hand they’ve been dealt, because they have little to compare their experiences to, other than our own back stories which, to them, are just that. Stories.

Kids have a natural gift for being able to relate and respond to the essence of individuals. 
Judging by physical appearance alone is such a negative burden.  

Even though I am a born optimist, and even though I have complete confidence that the younger generations will strive to make good the mess others have created, there are things that concern me. Things that all too often remain below the radar.

This morning I read this article. It highlights research findings by Girlguiding, into the pressures on young girls, to look perfect.

The following quoted figures are shocking.

559 seven – ten-year-olds took part in the survey:

36% said they were made to feel the most important thing about them was their looks

38% felt they were not pretty enough

35% agreed women were judged more on their appearance than their abilities

23% felt they needed to be perfect

The pressure to appear perfect is, no less a burden for boys, I’m sure.

The School of Life have produced an excellent animation that examines the ‘Perfectionist Trap’. It’s less than 4 minutes long, and well worth watching. 


  1. The mental health issues among young people are truly shocking. Perhaps all we can really do is hope to protect our own little ones and build their resilience and awareness of such matters.

    1. I agree, jennyfreckles. Our 'little ones' should be the focus of our attention just now, and we should do all we can to support them on their great adventure.


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